What is the currency in Armenia and what is the current rate?

The Armenian currency is called AMD. One dollar is worth about 480 AMD, one ruble is about 6.8 AMD. There are exchange offices in every supermarket, not to mention the banks’ branches to be noticed on every step. The daily rate can be found on the website rate.am.

What mobile operators function in Armenia?

SIM cards of such operators as “Beeline”, “Vivacell-MTS” and “Orange” can be bought in Armenia. You can explore the tariff plans on the sites of the operators on advance and choose the most suitable one for you. You need to go to the service center of the operator selected by you and buy a SIM card. Don’t forget to take your passport with you. One card costs about $ 1.

Is there a Wi-Fi in public places in Armenia?

There is wi-fi in every cafe and restaurant, as well as in all the hotels in Yerevan. You only have to ask the password from the staff.

What about public transport in Yerevan?

Currently the most convenient public transport in Yerevan is the buses. They run regularly and in all directions. Buses in Yerevan cost 100 AMD. We do not recommend you to use microbuses; they usually are tight and not comfortable. The most comfortable transport in the city center is the Underground. The taxis in Armenia work fine too. It is recommended to stop cars with yellow numbers only; they belong to taxi services. Traveling by taxi is cheap; it’s about 100 drams for 1 km.

Where can one buy souvenirs?

Vernissage (an open aired marketplace for souvenirs) is open in weekends in Yerevan. It is located near the Republic Square. There you can find all kinds of handmade souvenirs symbolizing Armenia, as well as silver jewelry at a fairly reasonable price. In addition, there are small gift shops on the central streets of the city – such as the “Arev” and “Dalan Art Gallery” on Abovyan Street.

Where one should necessarily visit in Armenia?

Before selecting the tour we advise you to explore the section “Sights” on our website and choose the direction that you particularly like. We think that you certainly need to see the pearl of Armenia – mountainous Lake Sevan, Khor Virap, Dilijan, and Tatev and the longest ropeway in the world called “Wings of Tatev” as well as the pagan temple of Garni and the monastery Geghard located nearby, carved in the rock.

What is the religion of Armenians?

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. During the excursions you will surely learn the details of the history of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Which are the countries bordering Armenia?

Armenia is located in the South Caucasus and is neighboring with Georgia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. In 1993, Turkey, in solidarity with Azerbaijan, with which Armenia is conflicting over the Nagorno Karabakh, has closed its border with Armenia. Armenia is a landlocked country.